sexta-feira, 26 de novembro de 2010

A point of feeling

A “dot” is used when we want to break a period in a text or maybe begin another one.

Ok, on November 22th, 2010 I had a point in my life, a point that I called “A point of feeling”.

The time of pointing had just begun when I was in front of Morumbi Stadium and every car and people just stopped. Then I saw many lights coming shine in the middle of the crowd, and a big black car was coming. Suddenly, a man got out of the car through the window like a boy cheering for his soccer team. But he wasn’t just a boy; his was “the boy”, Sir. Paul McCartney, at the age of 68, with half of his body out of the moving car shouting, waving and calling everybody to get into the stadium. I couldn’t believe on that: the most important musician alive was there, just a few meters from me, among the people and having fun with us. But much emotion was still about to come.

It was almost 10pm when the lights went out and our magical mystery tour would began. Many songs were played: "All My Loving" ... "Blackbird"... "Eleanor Rigby"… and when I thought that there wasn’t more songs to thrill us, he gave us the pleasure of feeling “SOMETHING” special, honoring his friend George Harrison. And he wouldn’t stop yet; many songs were still about to come: "A Day in the Life", "Lady Madonna", "Helter Skelter", “Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" and many others. It was three-hour concert, full of lights, fireworks, a very good band and “Sir. McCartney”.

But I’m not here to write about him, the lights or the songs. but about the feeling of peace and love that hovered over all this there, and that was felt in every heart and visible in every eye.

There was a moment when “I think” everybody was feeling so good, that there were not friends or enemies, men or women, white, black, Portuguese, Japanese, Catholic, Spiritualist, anti-Christ or any other kind of segmentation. There were just a lot of souls learning to live better feeling peace, love and respecting each other.

Finally, I would like to send good thoughts for everyone to live better and in peace of mind. And to thank my three good friends who shared with me at this special moment of my life.

Peace and love to all.

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    Show meu amigo!
    Olhando pela tv eu já me arrepiava e só imaginava a emoção que os fãs estavams entindo, afnial, é um momento mágico, se não único na vida de uma pessoa.

    E o que leva alguém, um fã a se conectar com um artista dessa forma? Acho que é a mensagem, como vc disse, é aquela força que seu trabalho transmite e é a sensação que boa, nos faz perseguir.

    Lindo texto. Fiz um tb quando fui no show da Alanis, debaixo de chuva, com todo mundo gritando tanto que parecia um sistema de som muito alto e mt forte e eram só pessoas extremamente alucinadas hehehe!

    Um abraço p vc,
    live or let die!